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freedom city church

finding freedom in the goodness of God

Ever walked in to a church and felt like you didn't fit in or belong? Often times churches are more like a club for the members only but church is supposed to be about those that aren't members. Our desire is that Freedom City Church is a place that a person can immediately feel wanted, welcome, and a part of the group.

No matter who you are, your hurts, your failures - this is a church for YOU.  We meet Sundays at 11 am 

and we have School of the Bible Courses, Wednesdays at 7pm (postponed)



"People make me feel welcome and have from the very start!"


"I'm Learning what it means to be loved by God"

"The Worship is spirit led and amazing!"

Join us

Sundays @ 11am


We are a Culturally Relevant, Presence Encountering, Faith Filled Church Leading People into Finding Freedom in the Goodness of God

What to Expect

FCC services generally run about an hour and 15 minutes.  FCC is a casual atmosphere, so feel free to dress as you would like.